April 22, 2018

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If you are a Collaborative Practitioner and need further training, or if you want to begin the process and become a Collaborative Practitioner, we can help.

We invite you to contact us now, or take a few minutes and read through our mission, philosophy, and faculty biographies. You will also find testimonials from those who have participated in our training; including, the testimonial below from one of our most recent training sessions.

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I truly enjoyed the 30-Hour Interest-Based Negotiation and Mediation Skills Training. It was a wonderful way to connect with other Collaborative professionals and practice communication and facilitation skills that are invaluable tools for Collaborative work. I learned a great deal about myself as both a person and as a professional and left the training feeling invigorated about my work. Many thanks to the trainers for their guidance and support!

Kaitlin E. Forster, JD
Family Law Attorney - Divorce, Custody, Adoption
Forster Law
Washington, DC

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In the bookInfluencer: The Power to Change Anything, the authors believe "People will attempt to change their behavior if
(1) They believe it will be worth it, and
(2) They can do what is required."
In the 30 hours of interest-based negotiation training, the instructors provided both. If you weren’t convinced of the value of the Collaborative Process before you came, you were when the training was over. The professionals demonstrated over and over again throughout the week the profound value of CP. And due to the many opportunities attendees are given to participate in mock sessions, you leave knowing you can do what is needed in Collaborative Practice.

Judith A. Mason, CPA
2100 South Bridge Parkway, Suite 650
Birmingham, Alabama


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